What Are Some Of The Legally Acceptable Reasons To Divorce

There can be many reasons for divorce. Every marriage will have a different reason, but these reasons may not be legally accepted by the court. In order to get a divorce, you will need to consult with your divorce attorney whether the reason for your divorce is actually considered legal or not. Once you determine that your reason is legal, you will need to provide proof and documents as well to submit to the court, suspicion will not be enough. Below are the legally accepted reasons for divorce.


This is the top most reason for divorce nowadays. Many spouses cheat one another by having extra marital affairs and also sexual relationships with other people. You can file for a divorce for this reason. But you will need to prove to the court if your partner is not agreeing for a divorce. Also, you will have to be completely innocent.


This can apply to both men and women. If the wife is unable to bear children, the husband can file for a divorce on these legal grounds and the same goes if the husband is impotent and this fact was hidden or unknown at the time of the marriage, then the wife can file for a divorce.

Physical and Mental Abuse

If the husband abuses his wife physically, emotionally or mentally, then she can show proof to the court and file for a divorce as abuse is not tolerated in any case.


Drug addiction which is so severe that it leaves the husband or wife in no stable state is also a legal reason to file for a divorce. The husband or wife may also help their spouse by taking them to rehabilitation centers and getting their treatment done but if the addiction does not deter or if the spouse does not want to quit their addiction then it is better to go for a divorce.

Forceful Marriage

If the marriage had been forcefully obtained and there is no compatibility in the marriage and relationship then then the wife or husband may file for the divorce by giving all the legal documents to the court.

Mental Instability at Time of Marriage/Mental Illness After Marriage

If there was a certain mental incapacity or mental instability at the time of marriage and the spouse is not in a proper state of mind then the divorce can be filed by the same party. Sometimes, there is a certain accident or hereditary traits which causes a mental illness to be developed in a person later in life. The sane party can also go for a divorce in this case if the spouse has developed a mental illness where he or she is not sensible enough to use his or her brain after the marriage.


If the husband and wife have mutually separated for 2 or more than 2 years then either party can file for a divorce. Also, if one of the spouses intentionally leaves the other for more than 2 or 3 years then the deserted party can also file for a divorce.

Criminal Record/Criminal/Imprisonment

If either spouse has a past criminal record which the other party did not know about then he or she can file for a divorce on these grounds. Or even if any one spouse becomes a criminal after the marriage or does a crime which involves imprisonment then the other spouse can file for a divorce.

These reasons were reasons to file for at-fault divorce. This means that any one party was at fault that is why the divorce was filed.

Anyway, a better way to divorce is through a no-fault divorce which means you want to divorce without any fault. However, you have to submit legal reasons for this as well which mostly include, lack of love, lack of compatibility and interest and differences which cannot be reconciled. Status factor, lack of education, physical appearance and constant arguments and fights could lead to these reasons.

Many people go for no-fault divorce even if they have legal reasons for at-fault divorce because no-fault divorce is quicker, you do not have to give proof documents and is cheaper and can be handled by a cheap divorce lawyer Fairfax VA.

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