9 Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Paint And How To Protect Your Car’s Body

There are many things which can damage the paint of your vehicle. That’s why many people get the services of paint protection film installers to add a layer of PPF on their car. Following are the important things to know that can damage your car’s paint.

Bird Droppings

The bird droppings are common. You do not know what the bird drops poop on your car. Moreover, the birds can also drop anything including stones, particles of bricks, food items and such other things. All these things leave spots on the car’s paint. You may have to repair it. Therefore, you should be careful about the bird droppings when it comes to the car’s paint.


Another important factor in this regard is the sunlight. Experts opine that you should not leave the cars in direct sunlight. Even the vehicles should be parked under the shade. Sunlight has a direct impact on the car’s paint. This may also lead to color fading and other issues. Considering this aspect, you need to be conscious and always protect the car paint from sunlight.


It has been reported by many people that ice damaged their car’s paint. This happens when the ice is hard. Playing with ice can be fun but if it hits the car body, it will leave some spots leading to more issues. That is why it becomes important to protect the car body and paint from ice. Do not let your children play near the vehicles with anything. Otherwise it can be an expensive error.

Stone Chips

It goes without saying that stone chips are very harmful for the car body paint. Even the smallest particles or chips of stone can leave serious marks on the body. This can occur if you are driving on hilly areas or roads that are not paved. You have to be alert in this regard otherwise the car paint will be ruined. Repairing the car body paint is not easy and not cheap either.


Vehicles run on gasoline. It never gets in touch with the car body, paint, interior and other components in normal cases. However, there can be problems like gas leakage. Such incidents let petrol contact with the paint. This is damaging, as per the opinion of the auto makers and experts. You have to ensure that gasoline does not touch the car paint. And if it happens, you should rinse it as soon as possible.

Food Items

Many are the people who ruin the car body paint because of various food items. Some sit on their car and eat food. This habit should be left as it damages the car body as well as the paint. Even if you have installed some sort of tint films, this may also affect them too. It becomes really imperative that care should be taken and make sure you do not use it for eating food.


According to a report, people who own cars and live near the oceans are more likely to see color fading issues of their car body paint. The reason is that ocean or sea water contains salt in huge quantity. Salt affects the car paint and ruins its color. Moreover, using saltwater for washing purpose is also not recommended as per the standard rules of car washing. To avoid fading color, install high quality PPF.

Dirty Piece of Cloth

It has been noticed that some people are careless about the car’s paint. What they do is to use a dirty piece of cloth for washing purposes. Even using dirty cloth for cleaning the car body is not a good idea. The reason for this is that it may contain dust particles, oil and such other stuff which will definitely ruin the car paint and leave spots behind.

Coffee and Soda

Coffee and soda are another beverages which are considered not safe for the car’s paint. If you drop coffee or soda on the car paint by mistake, it should be cleaned immediately. Coffee and soda contains a high level of acidity which is not healthy for the car paint and may remove its upper layer.


Apart from what we have listed here, there are a number of other things like brake fluid, gas, ashes, shaving cream, tar, eggs and wax which are as harmful for the car paint as other items. With this, it becomes necessary that you take extra care of your car’s paint.

How To Protect Your Car’s Paint?

It is recommended to use a paint protection film as not only it makes your car look shiny, it does what it is made for – protect the paint of your car. Paint protection film also ensures that you retain your car’s resale value. Get the services of 3m paint protection film installers Springfield to save money on paint jobs.

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