Your Guide On How To Choose Granite Countertops

Granite is the oldest and most popular countertop till date. There are few emerging contenders but granite is still wearing the crown as people like to lean towards the most trusted type of countertop as boosted by granite installers.

Granite countertops are obtained by natural stones and people have faith in them. As per the pop culture, they have never failed to come up to their customer’s satisfaction. But, is it really a piece of cake to choose a granite countertop? Unarguably no.

The Color of Granite Should Be In Conformity With Your Cabinet’s Color

The view would be very eccentric if the cabinetry and countertop are a complete mismatch. Color-matching does not mean that both the colors have to be one and the same. It simply means, the color of the countertop should somewhat compliment the color of your kitchen-cabinet.

Apart from color, the streaks and the veins also matter a lot. In case, the color of your newly bought granite countertop does not suit the kitchen cabinet, at least, the marbling should. If not color then design — one out of these two must harmonize with the kitchen cabinet. So, keep your cabinetry in mind while buying the new stuff for kitchen.

The Pattern Has To Be Distinctive

You are offered a number of unique patterns to pick one from. Granite is not a monotonous material, it does offer diversity even in veining. There are 3 main patterns of granite; solid, speckled and marbled. You got to choose the one that suits your kitchen; it should and must tone with the interior of your kitchen. It’s better to have a photo of your kitchen clicked whenever you go out to shop a new countertop.

It also depends on your interior design style and mood. The colors and designs you choose to have in your home affects your mood in one way or the other. The ambiance you create is your own choice and vintage.

Granite Tile or Granite Slab? Choose the Core Substance

Both the types are epic and both proffer a unique beauty, but unfortunately, you cannot have both in your bucket, you merely got to choose one. If we compare the look, it might be difficult to choose one over the other because both materials are good enough to mesmerize.

If we try and draw a comparison between the two in terms of budget, granite slab is slightly more costly than that of the granite with tiles. It costs you much less than the latter.

Choose the Color Eventually

Now, comes the most attractive part of choosing a granite countertop. Colors have got life, they create an ambience around, and some colors give positive vibes to the sightseers. Therefore, this part is not worth ignoring at any cost. Choose the color wisely and right according to the theme of your kitchen.

Suggestions for Color of Your Granite Countertop

If you are fond of elegance, you should be choosing sleek and stylish black countertops. Black is the new cool — as everyone says. Black countertop will not only look gracious, it will not be susceptible to catching any stains, and it will also not bother about the color of your cabinetry. Black is going to compliment any color your cabinetry possess.

Although pure white color is really hard to find in the market, you should never give up. If you are a ‘’white’’ fanatic, you will not compromise on less than what you love. White granite will make your kitchen look quiet and pacifying. Like the charming black, white is also able to blend with any kitchen theme.

Red Granite – the most famous one — is also a great option to be considerate of. This color in granite can give you an extremely ravishing and an exquisitely captivating feel. This color has got a history full of richness, these red granites were used in making ancient Egyptian buildings, even the pyramids had some contribution of these red granites. You ought to have neutral cabinetry at home to opt for these red granites — the combination would be a great sight to see.

Green – the symbol of nature – tends to give your kitchen an earthy feel. On top of that, many traditional kitchens have got green granites instead of modern color combinations.

When you have chosen the right granite, have a granite countertop installer Rockville to proceed with installation.

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