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Tips On How To Be A Great Short Basketball Player

Basketball is known as the game for tall people. Does this mean that you stand no chance of being a basketball star if you are short? No. Here are tips on how to outdo the tall players:


This is where you are able to tell where the ball will go if you or another player misses a shot. For example, if a shooter from a long distance away from the basket misses a shot, the ball will most likely have a long rebound.

While you can tell where the ball will go, it’s hard to tell the exact location without professional basketball training. In addition to training you also need to watch a lot of basketball films and games and carefully note how balls bounce off the rim.

Be Wise In Your Scoring

Taller players will most likely block your balls if you aren’t wise. To avoid getting blocked you should use fake moves to get your taller opponent off his/her feet. As he/she comes down, you should go up and shoot.

If your defender is tall, you shouldn’t shoot the ball the moment you get it regardless of how close you are to the basket. You should keep moving in order to lose the defender. Once you are free you should now shoot the ball.

Block Out With Wisdom

For ideal results you should keep you back against the taller opponent and your arms extended. You should move as your opponent moves.

In addition to blocking, you also need to have good defense skills. There are many ways in which you can defend your opponent. One of the ways is standing beside your opponent. When the ball is passed to him/her, you should step out and catch or deflect the ball. The second move is fronting where you stand in front of your opponent.

All you need to do is to weigh your options and choose the best move that is ideal for you. If you are unsure of the best technique to go with you should seek the advice of your basketball couch.


These are tips on how you can be a great basketball player even if you are short. To master the game you need to take professional basketball lessons. The cool thing is that there are many learning centers that you can attend.

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